Deborah is a mother, a grandmother to 23 and a dutiful daughter. She will soon be a great-grandmother.

“It’s all about the grandchildren right now,” she said. “I have my mother. I’m taking care of my mother at home. I got to get the grand-kids to school – got to come back, clean, get her showered and dressed. Whenever I have a minute, I get a cup of coffee and just breathe.”

She has been coming to Wellspring for 17 years.

“It’s [Wellspring] a place of peace where I can be with my sisters and meet new people,” she said. “Have a snack, have breakfast and enjoy quiet as I go through my day.”

“I’ve always been kind of anti-social, but now, I’m trying to come out of my shell,” she added.

What does being a mother mean to you?

“For me, with the life that I’ve had, I would say that my children are my biggest happiness,” she said. “They are what has made me happy in this life.”

And how did they give you happiness in this life?

“I would say I had a little bit of a rough life when I was growing up, but they always kept me grounded because they gave me unconditional love and they always gave me another reason to live another day — another day to fight,” she said.

What does being a grandmother mean to you?

“My son lost his wife so now I’m parenting three of them,” Deborah said. “They are keeping me young. They keep me exercised and keep my mind working. They give me a lot of love. We play games and we sit down and we talk about problems. I like sharing with them and teaching them about God. They ask me a lot of questions about God. Now, they want to be baptized. They want to be Christians — that is my favorite part — that they are growing in God.”

What helps you power through bad days?

“I don’t think it’s that good, but I used to go to shop at a Clothes Closet around the corner,” she said. “I like to read so I would go around there and stay around for an hour or two looking through books. I used to stress shop and that got to where that was impossible when I had the children, but I found out that it was stress reliever. It helped me get away from all kinds of stressors that were going on — you know, when you are still growing – we are going to be growing until Jesus comes.”


Pictured at the top of this entry and above — the Clothes Closet at Next Move (2925 34th St., Sacramento 95817) around the corner from Wellspring. 

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