At 90 years old, Betty Hoffman has been volunteering at Wellspring since 1991.


“It’s seen a lot of changes,” she said. “It started with Sisters Catherine and Claire. We gave out donuts and coffee and that was all we had. Once in awhile, we would have orange juice and that was a big treat. That was way back when they had a little gazebo in the center of the room for the kids and then they moved here. That was wonderful. They were able to expand so much.”

Each Wednesday, Betty volunteers on the counter giving out sugar to the guests from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.


“I can’t imagine not volunteering at Wellspring,” she said. “On Wednesday morning, that’s what I do — I come here. Four of my cousins volunteered at Wellspring almost from the beginning and we enjoyed sharing that in our family.”

“You know, I’ve made so many friends just from the different shifts and everything,” she said. “The volunteers and staff are wonderful and the guests are wonderful. Everyone does everything for each other.”

Betty has had the privilege to see children that she used to play with in the Children’s Corner become adults, now with children of their own.

“Before my husband passed away he came with me the first time,” Betty said. “He too felt what I did. You just walk in the door and realize that this is a wonderful place to be.”

What is meaningful to you about Wellspring?

“It’s just that you feel you are really helping some of these ladies and whenever you can help someone it makes you feel better,” she said. “I think we do play an important role in their life. Like at home, you have neighbors over and have coffee and you sit and just talk. Wellspring gives the guests the same opportunity to do that.”


Betty and Sue handle the breakfast rush on a Wednesday. 

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2 thoughts on “Betty

  1. Sister Judy and Correy, This new Blog on the website is really a great addition. The articles tell a wonderful story about Wellspring and is, in my opinion, perfectly named “Tales from the Heart of Wellspring”.


  2. Super article on my cousin Betty and she is a super LADY! My mom Katie enjoyed her volunteer time at Well Spring also and I know we all appreciate ALL you do.
    Carol Menke-Clark


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