Wanda just celebrated her seventh year of being clean and sober.

“I’ve been coming to Wellspring since 1989 — when I first moved here to Oak Park,” she said.

“Wellspring means everything to me,” Wanda said. “I couldn’t tell you how much Wellspring means to me. I am just glad they are here because they help out so many people. They are just angels – they are straight up angels – they are the ones who are really doing the lord’s work. The volunteers and the sisters – I love them all.”


“Wellspring has seen my ups and my downs,” she added. “Yesterday was my 7th year of being clean and sober. I thank Jesus because it was God who woke me up.”

“I used to be addicted to drugs and my drug of choice was heroin,” Wanda said. “I lost four kids in the system. I chose the drugs over my kids. I regret that now. I got all of my kids back in my life, but one. I’m still looking for one and I keep telling them, ‘I regret the things I did do and I regret the things I didn’t do.’”

“There ain’t nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for any of the sisters, the volunteers in here and some of the women who come in here,” she said.

What does being a mother mean to you?

“I really don’t know about being a mother because my kids were real little when I lost them,” she said. “I lost my oldest daughter. They took her right out of my arms at the hospital after I had her. I was able to bring my youngest daughter, Joane, home from the hospital because they locked me up when I was two months pregnant and I didn’t get out of the jail until two weeks before I had her.”

What makes you happiest?

“Just knowing that my family is there for me because they never were before because of my habit,” she said.

Wanda takes out her wallet and shows me the bills she has in it.

“Look at that,” she said. “I’ve never ever had money like that before.”

What is your perfect day?

“Every day is a perfect day for me as long as I stay clean and sober,” she said.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share or add?

“I’m just glad the sisters are here and they work with us,” Wanda said. “They give you personal hygiene when you want it. If you don’t have diapers for your babies, they give you diapers. They are angels. I just love them all.”

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