Sharon Grego

Sharon Grego has been coming to Wellspring since 1998.

To her the center is a “spiritual-kind of place.”

“Wellspring helps me not feel alone,” she said.

What does the center mean to you?

“It’s a sense of hope,” she said. “I see that people have achieved some of the goals for housing that I am striving for. I believe that God works through people so we are all inter-related – God, people and animals.”

Sharon’s constant companion is her dog, Butterscotch.


“Butterscotch is a dear, darling to take care of,” she said. “I feel like I saved him from the Pit Bulls of Oak Park who he’d be living with now if it weren’t for me. He is a sense of comfort and protection. I was always one of those kids who was afraid of the dark and that hasn’t really left.”

IMG_5941 IMG_5933

“Yesterday, I had him in some beads.”

Sharon’s family used to own the Flame Club. She is descended from Yugoslavian immigrants and active in local cultural celebrations.

“It is really cool to see the progression of different families participating in different cultural gatherings,” she said. “There is a structure and dedication that is really healthy.”

She also has a sweet tooth.

“I got this cake from a homeless friend of mine – a wonderful Hungarian cake and they must make it in layers,” she said. “It was made of these little fat pancakes. It has sour cream in between the layers and then dates that have been ground into a paste. It’s so delicious and soft. I’d love to have the recipe. The slavs, they have some good recipes too.”

How is the center spiritually nourishing to you?

“Just so much is freely given,” Sharon said. “Wellspring is a means of channeling or providing one’s needs. Someday I would like to make a fundraiser for Wellspring over at St. Mary’s Church. It is a great space for a dinner and a dance”

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