Souhaila has been coming to Wellspring for a year.

She lived in Athens, Greece for 34 years, but returned to her native U.S. two and a half years ago when she couldn’t find a job because of the economic crisis in Greece.

Now, Souhaila is an at home caregiver to four people with disabilities. She said that she is thinking of going back to school for nursing, physical therapy or to study Greek language.

She has a passion for Greek cookery.

What do you like to cook?

“Moussaka [sliced eggplant baked in ground beef sauce and then smothered in white sauce], pasticcio [baked macaroni with meat sauce] and gemista [stuffed potatoes and peppers with rice].” she said.

What is your favorite place that you’ve been?

“I like Paris, France,” Souhaila said. “I went around the French villages. Amsterdam is nice too. Greece is nice too – I grew up there. We had the sea and we had the mountains.”

What does Wellspring mean to you?

“Everything, they help.”

What is your favorite part of Wellspring?

“I like sitting down here and talking to people,” she said.  “It is like a family.”

The mural is one of Souhaila's favorite places at Wellspring.

The Friendship Mural is one of Souhaila’s favorite places at Wellspring.

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