Rosey has bipolar disorder. At times, she comes to Wellspring weighted down with tears – other days she is bursting with happiness. Lately, she beamed that she had five straight days of happiness.

Wellspring, she said, gifts her stability. She has been coming to the center since 1989.

“It [Wellspring] gives me balance and is a voice of reason,” she said. “At Wellspring, I don’t feel like I have to have my guard up. There are women who are going though all kinds of struggles and it makes me feel like I am not the only one. We may not have the same heartache, but each one of these women feels the same hurt and the same happiness.”

“From the beginning, they gave me a hug and they gave me love,” she said of Sister Claire and Sister Catherine, the foundresses of the center.

How has Wellspring helped you?

Just knowing that someone other than yourself cares,” she said. “That’s what has helped me the most and now I understand that I need to take my medicine. Genelle and the interns help me with my doctors’ appointments.”

Wellspring supplies her with greeting cards and postage to communicate with her children.

“My son has a seven year term and he did six years – if it wasn’t for Wellspring, I wouldn’t have contact with him,” she said. “The contact with my children is the best way that I could be helped. Even though they are far, far away, they are close in my heart. Sometimes you have to pick, you don’t have money to send them all cards, but with Wellspring’s help, I am able to fulfill what is in my heart and send them all a card.”

Rosey’s children were raised at Wellspring.

“I would bring them to all of the programs,” she said. “They would fill up their little bottles and get their pictures taken here.”

An old picture of Rosey and her children from the Wellspring photo archives.

What is the most important thing that you’ve learned as you’ve moved through life?

“That I am not alone,” she said. “It helps to come inside and see your friends. It helps to see them crying and see you [the Wellspring staff] talking to them. You see that you are not the only one. We all need that help.”

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