Lola has been coming to Wellspring since 1994, when she moved to Sacramento from Mexico City, Mexico.

The adjustment was difficult, but now she says, “Oak Park is my home like Mexico.”

lola for blog titel

Lola with baby
Lola circa 1997.

Lola often shares her cooking with Wellspring – her latest gift to the center was a dish of sumptuously cooked pinto beans for Mexican Independence Day.

“I like to come here because it’s a lot of camaraderie,” she said. “Its different languages, different people and I feel very, very good here.”

Lola sits at the same table every morning that she comes to Wellspring.

What inspires you?

“Getting out of my routine and friendship,” she said.

What is your favorite food to eat?

“Everything – quesadillas, gorditas, sopas and mole.”

What does food mean to you?

“It’s good to enjoy food because if you are hungry, you aren’t the same.”

What is your favorite part of Wellspring?

“Everybody here – that’s the best part of Wellspring,” she said. “I like the unity of Wellspring.”

Lola has worked as a house cleaner, field worker and at home caregiver.

“I like all kinds of jobs,” she said. “In the field, everywhere, I like to work.”

Thank you to Norma Ferrari-Taylor, Wellspring’s Bilingual Outreach Coordinator for translating the interview from English to Spanish and then to English from Spanish.  

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