Dena has been washing dishes at Wellspring every Tuesday and Friday morning for the past three years.

“It keeps me busy so I don’t have time to think,” she said about the pace of collecting dirty dishes, washing them and drying them at the center.

“I’m a volunteer, but I feel like volunteering here does more for me than it does for the women,” she said. “It gives me somewhere to go to work, they count on me and I get pats on the back so it is affirming.”

For the past 16 months, Dena has been in recovery from addiction. To her recovery means her survival, keeping her family in her life, gratitude, service, fellowship and a new life outlook. Being in recovery helps her sleep soundly at night, she says.

“At the end of the day, I just lay down and go to sleep,” she said. “I don’t have guilt anymore because I try really hard to do things that make a difference in my own life and other people’s lives.”

What does Wellspring mean to you?

“It is security for me and a lot of friendships,” she said. “The women are really neat here. Sometimes I find it a peaceful place to be even though it gets noisy. Wellspring has just become a part of my life.”

Why do you think Wellspring is valuable for this community?

“It is a place for fellowship for the women,” she said. “I think it is really important for them to realize that they are not alone because a lot of the women are out on the streets. They can come in here, get a hot meal, get warm and get items that they need. They can share their hardships and get some empowerment from each other. It’s like a little slice of pie for them.”

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