Evan is a caregiver and a mother – rooted and poised, she has ample life philosophies worth sharing.

In college, Evan studied biology and pre-medicine. She hoped to become a doctor, but had to leave school so that she could take care of her mom when she became sick.

“You are resilient if you can deal with everything that life throws at you and you have enough sense to slow down, take a look at it for what it is really is – not for what you want it to be – and you’ll notice that you will come up with a solution,” she said. “You will go in headfirst, deal with it and then deal with the next crisis that comes along.”

Her children are fourteen years old, sixteen years old and eighteen years old.

“I have three monsters, I love them all,” she said.

Evan said that her proudest accomplishment as a mother will be when her daughter graduates high school without a baby.

“If I could get us through the day with all the stuff that goes on in their lives and my life and no one is hating each other and the next morning and everyone is smiling — I’m happy,” she said.

She demands that her children leave the street at her front door. Her home is a retreat from the stresses of the world.

A classmate of Evan’s daughter recently killed herself. When her daughter told her about the suicide, Evan said, “I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, what in the world can happen in a child’s life at 16 years old. But, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. There are amazing things that go on in people’s lives that we have no idea about. A lot of it goes along with these kids trying to fit in with other kids. I always tell my kids, ‘Don’t try to fit in with other kids because as you get older, you’ll discover that none of those kids will be there to put a roof over your head, to feed you or to give you a job. These are things that you will have to do for yourself.’ I tell my children, ‘Everything that you are doing now is not for me, it’s for you – to experience your life. I’ve done my things in my life. My thing in my life right now is to get you to the point where you can have a life that you want.”

Evan comes to Wellspring before she heads to work as a caregiver.

“I was born to do it [care-giving], I knew that from when I was a little girl,” she said.“I have more fun with people who are not feeling well than I have with normal folks. The things that go on in people’s lives and the things they go through are amazing. I met a woman who never had kids and instead, traveled with her husband all over the world. They had Picasso paintings in their home and artifacts from all over the world. She knew Picasso and his daughter. I also met one of the first supermodels from the 1920s.”

What was she like?

“Oh she was a great woman, but her kids were nuts,” Evan said. “She was gorgeous even at 93 years old. It is amazing what people go through in their lives.” .

What have you gone through in your life?

“When you come through adversity that’s a whole different life,” she said.

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