Phyllis lives in Oak Park. She has frequented Wellspring for the past three years.

What do you like about coming to Wellspring?

“The people,” she said. “This is a cosmopolitan world within Wellspring. People come from all over. I’m appreciative.”

Wellspring gives out gifts to guests on their birthdays and throughout the year during its holiday celebrations.

Do you have a favorite Wellspring memory?

“The tokens of gifts,” she said. “The scarves and the blankets. When you get of age, you don’t receive as many gifts as you do when you are kid. Christmas is almost something that you want to avoid, but here they give you gifts to give you incentive to keep going.”

What is your perfect day?

“A good meal to get started,” Phyllis said.

What is your favorite kind of meal?

“Yogurt, a cup of coffee, a nice soup on a cold day and a slice of bread with butter,” she answered — describing Wellspring’s menu on most mornings.

“It is great spot,” she said. “This was a firehouse at one point in time and children come in and eat as well and that is a blessing. There is not too much that we really can’t get in here.”

Wellspring  encourages her to move forward without looking back, she said.

“It’s a motivation to get up in the morning,” she said. “Once I get here in the morning, I am happy about that.”

Phyllis has been out of work for the past ten years because she has been coping with a major back injury. She has done clerical work and worked for the library system, at the airport in retail, for temp agencies and for Transamerica Corporation.

How did you get your back problem?

“I believe from standing a lot,” she said. “When you are young, you wear high healed sneakers and think that they are a beautiful thing. You don’t realize that these things will affect you when you get older, but they do. Wearing the appropriate shoes is important.”

What do you think is so special about Wellspring?

“I’m going to say the volunteers,” Phyllis said. “I love the volunteers because they don’t have to be here and yet, they are here every morning. What a blessing! How many people want to volunteer and not get some kind of cash for their work. I’m really thankful for them. I think that the volunteers are superstars.”

Phyllis moved to Sacramento from San Francisco 25 years ago.

“Sacramento kind of slows you down,” she said. “I love all the fruit on the trees here.”

“Hopefully they will keep building because I call this the miniature LA,” Phylis said. “It is going to be built faster than we think. It is the capitol for a reason.”

“We are fortunate to have Wellspring,” she said. “In San Francisco, I have not seen anything quite as nice.”

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