Ellen walks to Wellspring almost every morning from her apartment which is about a mile away. She is 76 years young.

Why do you come to Wellspring in the morning?

“Because I like to,” she said. “I’m retired now and I come down here just to be friendly with people.”

Sometimes, she brings in cookies to share and her outfits are always  stylish. Originally from Louisiana, Ellen welcomes others with grace.IMG_7288

She is always giving out hugs to the children and women of Wellspring. She often refers to herself as an adopted mom or grandma to the lucky individuals who she interacts with.

“They are really sweet to the guests,” Ellen said about the volunteers of Wellspring. “They talk to you.”

She retired as a cleaner for University of California at Davis Medical Center in 1991 because of health concerns.

“At Davis, they taught you how to deal with the public,” Ellen said.

“My lungs went bad and my kidneys started bothering me,” she said. “They caught me at the borderlines so I just take medication.”

She has raised seven children as a single mother.

“Your kids never stop needing you,” Ellen reflected.

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