Sosan first heard about Wellspring while she was pursuing her Juris Doctor degree with a certificate in Public Law and Policy from McGeorge School of Law, a hop, skip, and a jump away from Wellspring in the Oak Park neighborhood.

Sosan volunteers Tuesday mornings and is the Executive Director at a start-up nonprofit called the Foundation for Democracy and Justice. The Foundation for Democracy and Justice aims to educate the public about state government in California with a specific focus on the judicial system and how to navigate it – with the goal of increasing access to justice for Californians.

“I’m the only staffer right now so it has enabled me to wear a lot of hats and to really understand what is needed at the nonprofit,” she said. “I’m hoping that when we hire more people, I will be able to understand the needs and challenges of each position.”

She also serves on the Board of Oak Park Sol, a nonprofit, which started out as a local community garden that has expanded into a land trust for local residents. Oak Park Sol aims to empower residents to create sitting spots, local parks and community gardens and helps individuals apply for permits and land transfers. 

Sosan is originally from San Francsico.

“I’ve been in Sacramento for five years and I would really to make it my home,” she said. “It’s important for me to be more involved in the community and not just to go to and from work every day.”

“I like Sacramento a lot,” she added. “I think it is a really wonderful community and the energy of Sacramento is really exciting.”

She volunteers at Wellspring on Tuesdays before she heads into work.

“Wellspring is a really beautiful place where I feel like I can engage a lot of women and children in the community that I wouldn’t necessarily encounter,” Sosan. “The variety of women that come here has taught me about myself and the unique demographics of the area and I’m really grateful for that. I leave every day feeling very fulfilled. I’m happy to be here every week.”

“I think I have learned a little bit about introspection and a lot about patience and understanding,” she said. “I’ve learned about the unique challenges that people face that I may not have encountered on my own and it has really taught me that I am a privileged person.”

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