Drenna has been coming to Wellspring since the Center opened. She said that Wellspring means a lot to her.

“It gives you hope,” she said. “It gives you a place to come and relax and helps the kids.”

Wellspring helped her get off crack cocaine.

“It’s just that they care so much about you,” Drenna said. “They don’t discriminate against you or the reason why you are coming in. They treat you like a human being even if you are on drugs.”

Right now, Drenna is studying Child Care at American River College.

What have you learned as you’ve moved through life?

“I’ve learned not to be cruel to anybody and to be kind to everybody and to help everybody that I can,” she said. “When I see somebody, I might give them change, feed them, give them advice or tell them about a program that they could use.”

Drenna believes that if we had more “hospitality with dignity and love,” — Wellspring’s mission statement, the world would be a “happy and a good world.”

She often brings her grandson, Christopher, with her to Wellspring.


“I have thirteen grandchildren and that’s what I live for,” she said. “I want them to be more than what I am. I don’t want them to have to struggle. I want them to do something with their lives.”

Christopher comes to Wellspring to talk to people. He is originally from Mississippi and moved to Sacramento recently with his family. He likes to sing gospel and aspires to become a math teacher. 

This blog post was written by Corey Rodda. Corey is a former Vista Volunteer of Wellspring and has continued to volunteer for Wellspring in many wonderful ways. 

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