John is often found sweeping leaves and debris up in Wellspring’s parking lot. He experiences homelessness and first discovered Wellspring when he would walk his friends and relatives over to the Center.

“It’s comfort for the ladies,” John said. “I’d rather see you all together.”

John is on the hunt for a full time job so that he can afford rent. He used to work in construction – building trusses for houses – and once owned his own janitorial business, called Luna’s Janitorial Business.

What keeps you surviving?

“Odd jobs and mowing people’s lawns,” John said. “I tear things apart. I put things together. I try to stay healthy just by doing a little bit of exercise and trying to be the smartest one around – not getting into trouble or caught up in someone’s bullshit. One day, I’m going to have my own place and it is going to be soon. I am hoping and praying.”

He has eight children.

What do you enjoy most about life?

“Being around my kids and knowing that I have something to teach them so that they can get through the next day,” he said.

What keeps you going?

“The world and the people in it,” John answered.

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