“I come to Wellspring because of certain energy and it is a love energy,” said a guest who wished to be identified as Love. “I feel it is a beautiful place for women to come and enjoy one another and to enjoy the atmosphere. It is a wonderful way to start a day.”

“It’s the sharing and the caring that really makes this place special,” Love said of Wellspring. “You know, it is really just the simple interactions that enable you to go on – something as simple as going up to the counter to get food and having somebody say hello to you and ask you how you are doing – just to be looked in the eyes by somebody. These are that you take for granted, but that can make a huge impact not only on someone’s day, but on their quality of life for a longer period of time.”

“I’m not a well-moneyed woman,” Love said. “I buy a bus pass to come here. My stomach might be empty, but it’s not the breakfast that I come here for – it’s the people, the atmosphere and the love that went into creating this place in the first place.”

Love is experiencing homelessness. She often sleeps under the stars – upright in her wheelchair.

“That’s not good especially when my legs start swelling,” she said. “I can only afford a hotel so many times during a month.”

She has lived across the United States and the World – in Los Angeles, Berlin, Montreal and New York City.

In Berlin, she worked in Film and Television for over a decade and witnessed the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

“I started out believing that I wanted to be an actress and I loved acting, but I ended up studying film production and I fell in love with every aspect of it,” she said.

“So many aspects of creativity are focused around film,” Love said. “I love music. I love to compose. I love writing. You write to make a film. I fell in love with sound editing.”

“There is a family feeling in film – you’ve got a little family for a little while,” she said. “I love working with everybody and I love when everybody has a different job to do, but everyone is working together towards the same goal.”

“Unfortunately Sacramento is not the greatest – it’s not set up for somebody living here to be able to find housing that is wheelchair accessible,” she said.

This blog post was written by Corey Rodda. Corey is a former Vista Volunteer of Wellspring and has continued to volunteer for Wellspring in many wonderful ways. 

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