Dianne who teaches glass fusion at Wellspring Women’s Center first frequented the nonprofit as a participant in its Art of Being program, a 10 week intensive, expressive art therapy program.

“Someone told me that going to Art of Being was the best thing that she ever did for herself so she gave me the information,” Dianne said. “I talked to Genelle Smith [Wellspring’s Executive Director] and Missy [Wellspring’s Art of Being Coordinator] and they said, ‘Of course, we have room for you to come’ and that really was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I fell in love with Wellspring and the women and just the energy and the love.”

In Art of Being, Dianne learned how to adapt meditation practices into her day-to-day life and developed more self-compassion.

She first started offering her fused glass class at Wellspring in November of 2017.

Dianne’s glass fusion class at Wellspring.

Dianne tells her students that “if they can cut glass, they can do anything.”

“I’ve worked with glass for over 40 years and being part of the Wellspring art program and knowing that it was all volunteer driven and free for all of these women, I wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

“Everyone was so enthusiastic and I just felt this tremendous love that all of the participants were showering on me,” Dianne said. “I’ve contacted glass friends about donating glass and materials. I’ve found things for the class on eBay. I’ve always wanted to teach classes.”



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